P&O Cruises Launch New Ship Names With Bondi Sand Art

by Amy in News

Bondi Beach has become a canvas for the latest P&O Cruises announcement.

After inviting anyone in Australia or New Zealand to suggest names for two new cruise ships, the company commissioned Port Macquarie artist Chloe Dickey to reveal to chosen names with a sand mural at Bondi Beach.

According to P&O Cruises, the 24-year-old took over an hour to create the mural at Bondi Beach, “carefully timing tides, swell and runners to reveal the names for the very first time.”

Ann Sherry, the CEO of Carnival Australia (which operates P&O Cruises), said Bondi Beach and artist Chloe Dickey were chosen because they represent key values of the company.

“It’s not every day you get the chance to reveal the names of two new ships which will call Australia home, so we wanted to do it in an uniquely Australian way at one of the country’s most iconic locations,” Sherry explains in a press statement.

“Chloe has an amazing talent and it was a delight to discover her work and bring her to Sydney to create an image that we think will capture Australia’s imagination.”

The ship names, Pacific Eden and Pacific Aria, were gradually revealed on Friday, 11th of July 2014, with Dickey first drawing a centrepiece in Bondi’s sands, before adding “Pacific Eden” at the lower end and “Pacific Aria” at the top.

The photos show onlookers standing in the sand nearby, watching Dickey as she worked, while the mural itself is surrounded by the natural artwork or footprints that come and go with the tide.

Sand art, which is one of Dickey’s specialties, has been around for years and can often be seen during creative festivals and events. But major cruise lines (and other big companies) do not often use it as a form of advertising, so this decision by Carnival Australia and P&O Cruises is breaking new ground in a number of ways.

And the photos of Dickey’s mural show just how beautiful Bondi Beach is as both a canvas and a destination.

Featured Image Courtesy of Paper & Sand by Chloe / Facebook