Our Story

Brave, beautiful and breaking rules

The bondiwear lifestyle and philosophy is simple. Our clothes look and feel great on you, contribute to Australia’s manufacturing sector, and they’re a lot better for the natural environment too.

Get it on

We’re launching with a range of super comfortable t-shirts featuring a brilliant new look – made in Sydney using 100% organic cotton. Our namesake is iconic; our range soon will be.

Live right in the world

Everything we do at bondiwear is about supporting good decisions and enjoying a healthy lifestyle of fun and freedom. We want you to experience what bondiwear offers – enlightened production ethos, style and feeling, comfort and sensory delight.

Made in Sydney – 100% organic cotton

For us, it’s a real point of difference in Australia’s fashion industry. Hardly anyone uses 100% organic cotton, or manufactures their product on Australian soil.

Bondiwear does both. Sure, that makes our costs higher – but why compromise? The product quality, the ethics behind what we do, the look and feel of our new designs, all of these elements are second to none. An exciting t-shirt range is our first step into the market. Watch this space for bondiwear shorts, caps, knits, jackets and more.

Did we mention Bondiwear offers free shipping Australia wide? International customers also enjoy great rates. Read more in shipping.

Partners who share our values

Bondiwear is proud to be associated with true pioneers in our space. We partner with ‘Bandsome’, an Australian designer, blank apparel label and wholesaler specialising in Australian made t-shirts. All Bandsome and Bondiwear fabric is sourced and spun in Australia with all garments manufactured sweatshop free in Sydney.

Bondiwear also partners with Sydney company – ‘25 Watts Print & Design’, a specialist screen printing and graphic design consultancy. The 25 watts team colour matches by eye, hand-printing bondiwear shirts (using Ryonet’s Discharge ink range and Enviro Water based inks) for a seamless “finished print that breathes”. The look is permanent, vivid and soft with no surface feel on the design so it wears just like a blank t-shirt.

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