Having A Whale of a Time At Bondi Beach

Whale watching season has come early to Bondi Beach this year, with surfers and swimmers already being treated to some amazing experiences.

While the peak of the whale-watching season in Bondi is usually around the winter solstice (21st of June), early risers at Bondi Beach have been among the first to spot whales as they migrate north, with several sightings in May.

One of the most remarkable so far has been a flamboyant male travelling not with other whales, but with a pod of dolphins.

Head marine biologist at Bondi-based Marine Discovery Excursions, Will Jones, told reporters that the calm, flat conditions at Bondi on May 19 had made it perfect for spotting the sea mammal and his friends.

“It’s particularly rare, it must be said,” Jones told News.com.au, adding that the whale fitted in well with the typical Bondi crowd.

“It’s really quite cool that they come into Bondi because they’re much like the testosterone-filled men who populate the beach, establishing their own territory, looking for girls,” he said.

Surfers and paddleboarders were able to get incredibly close to the majestic marine mammal, with photos from News Ltd photographer John Grainger showing people respectfully watching the whale just metres away from where it played in the surf.

Bondi-based photographer Eugene Tan also shared some images of the whale on his blog, mixed in with other stunning shots of Bondi Beach life.

Another whale was spotted in North Bondi a week earlier and reports estimate up to 20,000 whales will pass through the area this season as they head towards the warmer waters in Queensland.

Based on the sightings in May, it will be a great season for whale watching boats as well, with some friendly whales already getting close enough to say hello and splash water over passengers.

While it’s hard to predict when whales will be close enough to see from Bondi Beach, the sightings so far show just how much of a treat it is when they explore their surroundings. It’s also a reminder that there is a lot more to this coastal destination than sun, sand and waves.