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Surf Brands Seeking Out ASP Rookies

Popular surf brands have set their eyes on new ASP World Tour talent for sponsorship and promotional deals. In the past, rookies have only been signed up for major deals every now and then, but the Association of Surfing Professionals says 2014 has seen a marked change in how companies view new talent. “While surfer […]

How Could Flexible Fins Change The Surfing Experience?

Imagine if the fin on your board could move with the currents in the water. How would that change the way you catch waves? As with many things these days, technology now has the answer. It started with the release of surfboards with detachable and customisable fins from companies like Shapeshifter Surf. While this new […]

News: Bondi Hipsters Get New TV Show

The Bondi Hipsters are moving to the ABC for a new show launching later this year. Love them or hate them, characters Dom and Adrian have made the hipster culture in Bondi famous around the world – not just with the web series on YouTube but also with stunts like their infamous Miranda Kerr-inspired photo […]

Surfing Legend Laird Hamilton Praises Bondi Beach

Hawaiian surfer Laird Hamilton has over 30 years experience in the water, but it was only recently that he visited Bondi Beach for the first time. The 50-year-old legend hit the sand at Bondi in May and, despite the decidedly flat surf when he was here, he saw the potential and natural beauty of Bondi […]

The Rise Of Girls Surf Schools

With Aussie surf champions like Sally Fitzgibbon and Tyler Wright carving out names for themselves across the surfing world, more and more women are getting interested in riding the waves. Both professional and recreational surfing have always been dominated by men, which has left many women intimidated about getting onto a board for the first […]

Little Occy: A Bright Future For Mark Occhilupo’s Son

Billabong has just announced a two-year sponsorship deal for Jay Occhilupo, the 11-year-old son of world champ Mark Occhilupo. While Occy senior was 14 years old when he was signed by the surfing brand more than 30 years ago, Jay has beat his dad by becoming one of the youngest surfers to ever receive sponsorship […]

Bells Beach Comp Highlights ASP Changes

While all eyes were on the talent in the water at the latest Bells Beach Easter Classic, the 2014 event also showed that change is swelling for the Association of Surfing Professionals. This is the first year that the ASP has run events under the ownership of US media company ZoSea, which bought out the […]

Is Bondi Beach Being Forgotten?

Bondi has been the stamping ground of many renowned surfers and one of Australia’s most iconic destinations for tourists, but new findings suggest that is not the case anymore. While Australia has three listings in TripAdvisor’s 2014 Travelers’ Choice Top 25 Beaches in the World, Bondi is not one of them. In fact, Bondi doesn’t […]

Innovative Ways To Ward Off Shark Attacks

New research and technology is helping protect surfers from shark attacks when they are in the ocean. The most familiar shark protection option is a transmitter-like device that sends out signals to deter sharks and can be strapped to a surfer’s foot, including the Electronic Shark Defense System that has been backed by the likes […]

News: Byron Bay Film Festival Showcases Surfing Diversity

The latest Byron Bay International Film Festival has showcased the vast array of new themes and stories that are being told in the latest surf films. As one of the most popular beach spots on the north coast of New South Wales, Byron Bay has a reputation for its surf lifestyle and culture, making this […]

Technology Waves In New Surfing Prospects

As technology integrates with more and more industries, innovative developers are applying their skills to every element of surfing. From wetsuits and other clothing to surfboards, accessories and even the environment, people are now realising there is scope to make change with technology. So far the most accessible and noticeable tech successes in the industry […]

Baby Bondiwear – should we do it?

There is a never ending list of additional ranges we could add to the Bondi Wear collection, everything from accessories, hats, sunglasses and bags to footwear, women’s maxi dresses and beach-going essentials such as towels and picnic sets. BUT we have seriously been considering taking a much cuter direction of late, and introducing a Baby […]