Bondiwear Charity Market Day Stall 21st Jan – for Manly Women’s Shelter

Come visit the Bondiwear stall on Saturday 21st Jan at the Manly Village Market Day on Darley Rd, Manly

Buy a Sydney Made T-Shirt which is 100% organic cotton and 100% of the proceeds will be donated to our charity of choice Manly Womens Shelter.

Providing Crisis Accomodation for women on the Northern Beaches, helping them feel safe to rebuild their lives.
There is over twenty (20) years of documented history of women’s homelessness on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, especially for women without custodial children. You can donate directly right now on their website –

In the year leading up to the Manly Women’s Shelter opening, Manly Community Centre and St Vincent de Paul in Brookvale recorded more than 300 women who turned up on their doorstep in search of crisis accommodation. These statistics and years of experience fuelled the need for the Manly Women’s Shelter.

You can buy online until the end of January with all proceeds (less delivery costs) added to the amount we will donate. See our full bondiwear range at Made in Sydney – 100% organic cotton – 100% hand screen printed in Sydney.

For us, it’s a real point of difference in Australia’s fashion industry. Hardly anyone uses 100% organic cotton, or manufactures their product on Australian soil.

Bondiwear does both. Sure, that makes our costs higher – but why compromise? The product quality, the ethics behind what we do, the look and feel of our new designs, all of these elements are second to none. An exciting t-shirt range is our first step into the market

Organic cotton, what’s the difference?
Bondiwear’s t-shirt range uses local, best quality 100% organic cotton. This decision reflects our core belief to create a beautiful, environmentally friendly product that supports Australian manufacturing.

We can all be proud about choosing organic cotton because it makes such an ecological, economic difference. Conventional cotton production remains toxic, thirsty, and energy intensive according to the Organic Cotton Initiative, plus the rise of GM cotton puts farmers’ livelihoods and choices at risk.

Organic cotton however is a breath of fresh air for our industry. Consider all the benefits of organic cotton: combats climate change with lower energy consumption; helps save precious water; keeps soil healthier; unlike GM seed production – organic puts more sustainable farming back in the hands of farmers; and organic cotton eliminates pesticide and chemicals to make for less toxic, healthier farming communities.

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