Baby Bondiwear – should we do it?

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There is a never ending list of additional ranges we could add to the Bondi Wear collection, everything from accessories, hats, sunglasses and bags to footwear, women’s maxi dresses and beach-going essentials such as towels and picnic sets. BUT we have seriously been considering taking a much cuter direction of late, and introducing a Baby Bondi Wear range. This would start out as everything we currently have, just in mini size, and could include options such as baby hats, baby rashie shirts and sandals, and kiddie sized sunglasses and flip flops.

For an example of some of the type of stuff we’re thinking of, check out this over-sized baby hat, which is protective and adorable.

There are also these super cool shades, which would fit right in on Campbell Parade as baby chills out in the pram while mum grabs some lunch at one of the cafes along the strip.

We are still trying to come up with a list of the best baby Bondi Wear products to develop, and would love to see any examples of fashionable Bondi babies that we should be taking inspiration from. We’re keeping our eyes peeled as summer gets under way – and have already noticed the beach is getting packed out with visitors at every available opportunity, so we’re bound to spot something before too long.


The best baby beach accessories?

Apart from the necessary items, such as hats and little rash shirts to protect sensitive baby skin from the harsh Aussie sun, we have also been wondering what the best things are to bring to the beach to occupy baby’s mind, and allow him or her to make the most of the time playing in the sandy surroundings. Is a simple bucket and shovel still the best idea (perfect for filling and tipping up to make sandcastles), or what about actual games to play? We definitely love those cute beaded necklaces that double as teething toys – useful and fashionable at the same time so you can hardly go wrong with something like that. Hmmnn..we will have to keep thinking about this one.

One thing is for certain when it comes to accessories – we would never dream of inventing or selling something like this babyseat with an iPad holder. What a crazy idea – we totally agree with the folks over at Baby Zone who blogged that this idea could easily have been conjured up by the people at The Onion, and it deserves to live in horror movies only! If you missed the controversy over this, it’s basically a tiny baby seat with a place to put an iPad screen, which a child should not even be looking at under the age of 2, right in front of the baby’s face. Not cool in our opinion!