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Inspirations: Damien Hardman

Damien Hardman’s results in the surf speak for themselves, with a total of 19 tour wins and countless awards. While his nicknames include “Iceman” and “Dooma”, it is perhaps his actual name that says it all: Damian was a “hard man” to beat in competition, as well as a hard man for the public to […]

Inspirations: Cheyne Horan

Cheyne Horan is a living legend of the surfing world, with professional experience that spans the lifetimes of some of the current pros. His 30-plus year career has seen him win major events, come runner up in the world championship four times (1978-81) and consistently rank among the best surfers in the world. But Horan […]

Technology Waves In New Surfing Prospects

As technology integrates with more and more industries, innovative developers are applying their skills to every element of surfing. From wetsuits and other clothing to surfboards, accessories and even the environment, people are now realising there is scope to make change with technology. So far the most accessible and noticeable tech successes in the industry […]