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News: The Hotel Bondi Is Up For Sale

Many people want a piece of Bondi property but very rarely does an icon like the Hotel Bondi actually come onto the market. Built in 1919, in the middle of Campbell Parade, the historic hotel is literally metres from the beach. For the past 44 years its been owned by the family of renowned property […]

Artificial Waves Could Take Surfing To The Olympics

The erratic nature of the ocean has held surfing back from the Olympics, but technological advancements could soon change that. There are now wave generators and artificial beaches all around the world and, with some adaptations, this technology can simulate the perfect surfing conditions for training and competition on an international scale. Man-made waves are […]

Historical manufacturer no. 5: Speedo

Speedo has become an iconic brand and image known all around the world, but its origins hark right back to the early days of clothing manufacturing in Sydney. The brand’s founder, Scottish emigrant Alexander McRae, opened knitting and clothing factories around Sydney during the early 20th century. He started with a Regent Street knitting mill […]

P&O Cruises Launch New Ship Names With Bondi Sand Art

Bondi Beach has become a canvas for the latest P&O Cruises announcement. After inviting anyone in Australia or New Zealand to suggest names for two new cruise ships, the company commissioned Port Macquarie artist Chloe Dickey to reveal to chosen names with a sand mural at Bondi Beach. According to P&O Cruises, the 24-year-old took […]

Historical manufacturer no. 4: KingGee

Robert Adcock founded KingGee in Sydney in 1926, with a focus on durable and practical work wear. The very first pair of the brand’s iconic overalls was actually produced by Adcock in a tiny rented home in Rawson Place, laying the foundations for a wider range of workwear that soon became known for it’s quality […]

Surfing Walk of Fame Adds Aussie Legend Phyliss O’Donnell

The lifetime achievements of Australian surfer Phyliss O’Donnell are being recognised on an international scale, with her name set to land on the Surfing Walk of Fame. O’Donnell was the world’s first Women’s World Surfing Champion, earning the title in 1964 at 27 years of age and her journey has inspired many surfers since. Born […]

A 1000km Ride To Raise Funds For Leukaemia

North Bondi Surf Lifesaving Club member Nigel Harbach has inspired a friend to ride 1000km on a paddleboard as a way of raising funds for his leukaemia treatment. After hearing about Harbach’s challenges with myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS) treatment, friend Andy Owen started planning this epic paddleboarding journey from the North Bondi club to the Sunshine […]

Surf Brands Seeking Out ASP Rookies

Popular surf brands have set their eyes on new ASP World Tour talent for sponsorship and promotional deals. In the past, rookies have only been signed up for major deals every now and then, but the Association of Surfing Professionals says 2014 has seen a marked change in how companies view new talent. “While surfer […]

How Could Flexible Fins Change The Surfing Experience?

Imagine if the fin on your board could move with the currents in the water. How would that change the way you catch waves? As with many things these days, technology now has the answer. It started with the release of surfboards with detachable and customisable fins from companies like Shapeshifter Surf. While this new […]

News: Bondi Hipsters Get New TV Show

The Bondi Hipsters are moving to the ABC for a new show launching later this year. Love them or hate them, characters Dom and Adrian have made the hipster culture in Bondi famous around the world – not just with the web series on YouTube but also with stunts like their infamous Miranda Kerr-inspired photo […]

Having A Whale of a Time At Bondi Beach

Whale watching season has come early to Bondi Beach this year, with surfers and swimmers already being treated to some amazing experiences. While the peak of the whale-watching season in Bondi is usually around the winter solstice (21st of June), early risers at Bondi Beach have been among the first to spot whales as they […]

Surfing Legend Laird Hamilton Praises Bondi Beach

Hawaiian surfer Laird Hamilton has over 30 years experience in the water, but it was only recently that he visited Bondi Beach for the first time. The 50-year-old legend hit the sand at Bondi in May and, despite the decidedly flat surf when he was here, he saw the potential and natural beauty of Bondi […]