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Australia’s Changing Cotton Industry

Australia’s cotton industry is stepping into the spotlight to meet new demands from international buyers and local businesses that are seeking out Australian produced materials. For most people, cotton is not the first farm crop that springs to mind when thinking about Australia. But industry reports have shown that cotton farmers in Australia produce some […]

Surfboards Moving Back To Their Roots

The historical arc of surfboard development is coming full circle, with the revival of wood-based boards. These days conventional surfboards are made of a combination of foam and fibreglass, offering a lightweight, flexible body that’s designed to make it easier to ride waves and manoeuvre through the surf. But it wasn’t always the case. The […]

Celebrities That Support Ethical Fashion

Fashion has a huge impact on the world not just culturally, but also environmentally and sociologically. For a long time the ethics of conventional fashion have been questionable at best, but now things are starting to shift towards more sustainable, ethical fashion. As awareness of issues like sweatshops and environmental damage come into the public […]

Five Big Benefits of Supporting Ethical Fashion

Ethical fashion is becoming more and more popular around the world, with everyone from grassroots designers to celebrities supporting this part of the industry. The past few years have seen prominent stars such as Emma Watson, Victoria Beckham and Vanessa Paradis collaborate with fashion houses and major high street brands to create ethical collections. In […]

Hollywood Stars That Love Surfing

One of the greatest things about surfing is that anyone can do it. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of riding waves, standing tall and staring out at the great blue or back to shore. It’s part of the reason why so many people love surfing. From the competitive pros to the everyday joes, you […]

Tips For Looking After Organic Cotton Clothes

Organic cotton is better for the environment and better for your health, with a lot of care taken in every step needed to make organic cotton clothing. It actually starts with the organic cotton farmers, who work differently to conventional cotton farmers. Organic cotton farms are free of harsh chemicals and pesticides used in conventional […]

How To Find Your Clothing Size Online

There are more and more online clothing stores offering affordable, unique shopping options, but figuring out what size you are is a challenge when there’s no change room on hand. While most online retailers have size charts or guides to help you figure it out, it’s often hard to really tell how something will fit […]

Local Surf Legend Takes Safety Online

Byron Bay surf hero Max Pendergast has gone online to share advice about how to stay safe at the beach. The Surf Safe Byron page is “dedicated to surf safety in the Byron Shire with hints and tips from some of the elders of surfing, a bit of fun here and there but no negative […]

Bondi Set For $20 Million Upgrade

Bondi’s aesthetic will undergo some serious changes through a $20 million council revamp that’s already in motion. Waverley Council hopes the Bondi Park, Beach and Pavilion 10 year Plan of Management will lead to “more open space, improved aesthetics and increased amenities for the park, beach and pavilion in the coming decade”. The plans hone […]

The Boardriders Battle Is Bringing Value Back To Surf Clubs

Boardrider clubs around Australia are getting ready to showcase their best in the Original Source Australian Boardriders Battle series. The competition – which was launched on 7th August 2014 by Surfing Australia – is the country’s biggest grassroots boardriders event series with $120,000 in prize money. More than 100 of Australia’s best boardriders clubs will […]

News: Australian Female Surfers Are On The Money

While surfing is still considered a male-dominated sport, Australia’s top women are proving they can earn as much or more money from their skills in the water. Five of the top 10 ASP World Tour women come from our shores, taking out the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 8th and 9th places in the competition. In contrast, […]