Archive / May, 2014

Surfing Legend Laird Hamilton Praises Bondi Beach

Hawaiian surfer Laird Hamilton has over 30 years experience in the water, but it was only recently that he visited Bondi Beach for the first time. The 50-year-old legend hit the sand at Bondi in May and, despite the decidedly flat surf when he was here, he saw the potential and natural beauty of Bondi […]

The Rise Of Girls Surf Schools

With Aussie surf champions like Sally Fitzgibbon and Tyler Wright carving out names for themselves across the surfing world, more and more women are getting interested in riding the waves. Both professional and recreational surfing have always been dominated by men, which has left many women intimidated about getting onto a board for the first […]

Little Occy: A Bright Future For Mark Occhilupo’s Son

Billabong has just announced a two-year sponsorship deal for Jay Occhilupo, the 11-year-old son of world champ Mark Occhilupo. While Occy senior was 14 years old when he was signed by the surfing brand more than 30 years ago, Jay has beat his dad by becoming one of the youngest surfers to ever receive sponsorship […]

Top Things To Do In Sydney Around Bondi Beach

While Bondi Beach in itself is a must-see for visitors to Sydney, there is also a wide range of other things you can do when you head off the sand. In fact, it is a good idea to keep some different activities in mind even if you plan to hit the beach straight away. If […]