Archive / February, 2014

Inspirations: Wayne Bartholomew

From humble beginnings as an adolescent on the Gold Coast, Wayne “Rabbit” Bartholomew has had a career as varied as the surf itself. As a kid Bartholomew earned the nickname Rabbit thanks to prominent front teeth and a tendency to hop between pinball games and speed across soccer field, but it soon applied to his […]

Inspirations: Damien Hardman

Damien Hardman’s results in the surf speak for themselves, with a total of 19 tour wins and countless awards. While his nicknames include “Iceman” and “Dooma”, it is perhaps his actual name that says it all: Damian was a “hard man” to beat in competition, as well as a hard man for the public to […]

Inspirations: Cheyne Horan

Cheyne Horan is a living legend of the surfing world, with professional experience that spans the lifetimes of some of the current pros. His 30-plus year career has seen him win major events, come runner up in the world championship four times (1978-81) and consistently rank among the best surfers in the world. But Horan […]